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For many of us , life is challenging and its demands can be very over-whelming. Yoga can give us balance, harmony and a wonderful sense of well-being.

Group and 1-1 Yoga & Stretch Classes

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I take my inspiration from my students and their energy, determination and focus. These values are at the heart of every class I teach.
Over many years I have taught dance, exercise and choreographed theatre. I have now progressed and evolved into yoga.
My areas of expertise include Yin Yoga, Yoga for PTSD, Yoga for Stress and Special Yoga for Special Children.
Yoga is for everyone. It does not matter how old or young you are, how fit or unfit, whether you are flexible or not. Yoga is your own personal journey.

Yoga & Stretch classes available.

Vinyasana Flow

VINYASA FLOW is a creative form of yoga. A practice that links movement and breath to attain balance in the mind and body in a flowing sequence.

Hatha Yoga

HATHA YOGA is made up of three main practices, body postures, breathing techniques and meditation. It is a slower paced style of yoga and can help to improve sleep.

Yin Yoga

YIN YOGA is a slow, quiet meditative style of yoga, also called taoist yoga. It targets the deep connective tissues releasing tension in the body. This practice is mainly done on the floor seated or lying down and props are encouraged for the postures.

Seasonal Flow

SEASONAL FLOW is designed to align the changing energies of nature and the seasons in a practice that enhances a sense of well-being, providing an antidote to the stress and anxiety of modern life.

Private Classes

YOGA for Beginners
for Stress & Anxiety
for Posture, Alignment and Technique
for Beginners

Private lessons will help build your confidence and self esteem.

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It is the duty of the student to advise Rita Jane of any pre-existing health conditions.  All classes are taken at the students own risk.